Monday, May 9, 2011

Think Pink!

So as most of you know Trey and I are expecting a little girl! We picked out the name Kinslee Kay shortly after we found out I was pregnant and knew if we had a girl that was her name! A little background to it... We had decided last year that if the Rangers made it to the world series that we would name our first born after a Rangers player so guess who we chose? Kinsler! So we swapped the r for an e and got Kinslee! Plus my dads middle name is Lee and my moms middle name is Kay so there you have it! :) She already has such a huge personality and reminds me SO much of her daddy and I! She loves her hands in the sonogram she was waving them around, playing with them, sucking on her thumb and according to Trey doing the "Sic Em Bears" She didn't move her legs around much because she was already pressed for room! They were crossed like a little lady.. it was so cute! She has long arms and legs so im thinking she will be long like Trey and I were! She is going to have a big personality to go with all of her big bows! We love her so much already, my favorite thing now is when Trey kisses my tummy before he leaves for work and says bye to Kinslee!

Here are some pics of our baby girl!

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  1. Congratulations! So so SO cute and adorable :)