Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Happily How-To

I just LOVE sewing and crafts so on my day off I decided to make Trey and I some stockings... They are really simple to make and easy to get super creative with! So here is my "how to" on a classic stocking!

First- Gather up all of your materials! I chose leopard and red for my stocking and the vintage black & white and green for Trey's! A good pair of sewing scissors, ribbon and fabric bonding glue will also be needed. The tulip bedazzler is optional. I used a sewing machine but this would be easy to hand sew as well!
Next lay out a stocking that you already have and trace it onto your fabric. Double up your fabric before you cut to save you from having to trace & cut out twice! 
Now this is what you should have when you finish cutting.  Next get your accent fabric ready and cut out two rectangles slightly wider than the width of your stocking.

This is what you should have. Next cut your ribbon and glue onto the fabric. Make sure you wrap it around to the other side... This will make since once you sew it! Next sew back top of the accent rectangle to the back top of the stocking and fold the flap down. Repeat on the opposite side.

Next decide what you want on the front of your stocking, whether you cut out your initial with fabric and sew it, use an applique, or print off a monogram on transfer paper (which is what I did!) I downloaded a font that I liked from and created a transfer. Once you decorate your front face the right sides of the stocking at each other and sew your stocking together inside out. Once you finish flip the stocking back out the correct way and TADA!

Here is my stocking!

and here is Trey's!

Hope you try it out! :) 

With Love,
Happily Hays

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  1. SO cute! I like the tutorial as well :) I just inherited my Aunt's sewing machine, so I am excited to get started with fun sewing projects... maybe during Christmas break!